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Kislon Voïtchovsky

After completing a double bachelor in physics and mathematics at the University of Lausanne (now EPFL), I made my first steps as an experimentalist with a Masters in femtosecond spectroscopy of solvation effects awarded by the same institution in 2003.I continued my postgraduate studies at the University of Oxford as a Berrow Scholar and obtained my PhD in 2007. My thesis research focused on the biomechanics of a membrane protein, in particular on the effect of different ions on the membrane stability, elasticity and structural dynamics at the molecular level. My work, largely based on atomic force microscopy (AFM) also highlighted the complex interplay between the properties of the biomembrane and that of the interfacing solution.  The following 3 years were spend as a SNSF Advanced Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I worked on AFM approaches to quantify the nanoscale properties and the liquid at the interface with various solids, including soft and bio-like systems.I returned to Switzerland in 2010, and following 2 years at EPFL as an SNSF Ambizione Fellow, I have taken a Lectureship at Durham University since October 2013. In have been tenured in 2016 and promoted to Senior Lecturer, and subsequently to Associate Professor (Reader) in 2017.

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